Strengthening Monroe County Nonprofits: Endowment Matching Campaign

Eighteen local nonprofits are participating in an initiative to create or grow endowments at the Community Foundation. Each participating nonprofit that reaches its fundraising goal by June 30, 2025, will receive a dollar-for-dollar match to grow an existing endowment or establish a new endowed fund.

Click on the links below to donate to support participating nonprofits:

Key Program Details

  • This Community Foundation initiative aims to strengthen local nonprofits by fostering permanent endowments, ensuring their vital work can thrive both now and in the future.
  • Gifts eligible for matching must be received between January 1, 2024, and June 30, 2025.

What is an Endowment?

An endowment uses charitable gifts to build a permanent pool of funding resources intended to grow over time through investing. The earnings from this investment provide income for the nonprofit organization. Endowment funds are also called permanent funds because they are designed to grow and grant charitable dollars forever. Unlike contributions an organization receives from donors earmarked for special projects or to be spent immediately, endowment funds are designed to produce many times their original value as the years go on.

  • Endowments provide a permanent source of revenue for nonprofits, ensuring sustainable funds in perpetuity.
  • The principal is not spent but retained to grow the fund.
  • Investment earnings are used for annual agency distributions that can be used immediately or reinvested into the endowment for future use.
  • Endowments offer stability and security, even in times of economic uncertainty, providing a solid foundation for long-term planning and growth.
  • Endowments reduce pressure on annual fundraising efforts over time, allowing organizations to focus on fulfilling their mission and serving the community.
  • Endowments serve as a valuable vehicle for planned or estate gifts. Donors can leave a legacy gift to an endowment that will continue in perpetuity.

How can I donate to support one of the participating nonprofits?

  • Each participating nonprofit has an online endowment giving page accessible via our website at
  • Checks can be made to the Community Foundation of Bloomington and Monroe County. Please indicate the name of the participating nonprofit on the memo line.
  • Stock gifts, marketable securities/mutual funds, and IRA-qualified charitable distribution gifts may also be matched if made directly to the Community Foundation.
  • Irrevocable planned gifts such as charitable gift annuities administered by the Community Foundation or charitable remainder trusts may also qualify for the match.

About the Community Foundation

The Community Foundation was established in 1990 to encourage and manage philanthropic support for the long-term benefit of the community and all those who call it home. Today, we have more than 270 funds – defined by individuals, families, and businesses that provided the resources to create the funds. Distributions from these funds are returned to the community each year through charitable grants.

Some funds focus on specific nonprofit organizations, while others, such as our unrestricted and field of interest funds, are flexible and deliver powerful support that allows us to respond to our community in the most relevant and beneficial ways. The Community Foundation combines its deep understanding of the community and its pressing needs and compelling opportunities to deploy proactive and responsive grants, education scholarships, and funding to support leadership initiatives.

Over the years, the Community Foundation has granted over $30 million to more than 400 local nonprofit organizations, fueled by a growing $45 million endowment.

Learn More:

If you have questions, contact Program Director Marcus Whited at [email protected] or Development Director and COO Meagan Niese at [email protected].