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The Community Foundation is here for you—and because of you.

The Community Foundation was established in 1990 to encourage and manage philanthropic support for the long-term benefit of the community and all those who call it home. Created by individuals, families, and businesses who share a passion for Monroe County and a vision for its future, the Community Foundation has awarded $30 million in grants to more than 400 local nonprofit organizations. Our $45 million endowment is growing, and so is the difference we make by connecting caring people, important causes, and community resources.

We create positive impact.

The Community Foundation fuels innovative ideas and lasting impact in Monroe County. We make grants, offer expertise, and lead in collaboration with others to meet our community’s most pressing needs and seize its most important opportunities. Our impact extends from early childhood development to aging, from basic needs to economic development, from the arts to the environment, and more.

We help people achieve their charitable goals.

Everyone can be a philanthropist. Contributions of every kind and size make a difference. The Community Foundation offers simple, powerful ways to give back to your community. You can make a personal gift that flexes as our community changes over time or one that targets a cause that you care about most.

We collaborate.

Almost anything is possible when we connect this community’s greatest assets. The Community Foundation partners with donors, area leaders, businesses, and nonprofit organizations. We offer networks, knowledge, and resources to advance important causes and improve the quality of life in Monroe County.