Donor Stories

Cindy and Bill Walters

Since the Community Foundation’s inception, over 2,500 individuals and groups have established new funds or contributed to existing funds designed to address important community needs and initiatives. Behind each gift is a powerful story, characterized by the donor’s desire to accomplish their charitable goals and make a long-term impact in Bloomington and Monroe County. We hope that these donor stories inspire you. You can also share your own story.

Debbie Lemon
Bequest, Debbie Lemon Community Fund

Debbie Lemon wanted her planned gift to reflect her history and connection to Monroe County. Debbie’s ties to this community have deep roots spanning multiple generations. The Community Foundation was the ideal place for Debbie to leave her gift because she knows her funds will be cared for, and it will ensure this place she loves will thrive, now and forever. Read More»

Andy and Kim Allard
Allard Family Charitable Fund

Andy and Kim Allard believe strong, supported families are foundational to every community, and their donor advised fund enables them to positively impact families in Bloomington. The couple shares, “We love supporting families and children in our community. We want our giving to be a catalyst for their growth and success by creating opportunities.”  Read More»

Warren Cutshall
William D. Cutshall Memorial Fund, Board Member

“My dad was a character, but he was a generous person who made a difference. I would love to continue changing people’s lives like he did through charitable giving.”  Warren shares his father’s legacy and the impact this donor-advised fund continues to have on his family and community. Read More»

Peggy Frisbie
Frisbie Family Fund, Former Board Chair 

“I have always loved the fact that the Community Foundation can be a lasting repository for dollars that can do good works in perpetuity. We have consistently had community members devoted to Monroe County as stewards for these funds. … Let’s continue building this good work for many years to come.”   Read More»

Angela and Herb Caldwell
Herbert and Angela Caldwell Community Endowment Fund, Board Member

“This is the community where I grew up. Even when I wasn’t living in Bloomington, Angie and I would talk and dream of the day that we could return. Now that we’re home, we are committed to doing our part to better Bloomington.” Read More»

Jessika and Bryan Hane
Hane Family Fund
, Board Member

Jessika and Bryan Hane believe in contributing to the good of the community and the world. They also believe in modeling that philosophy for their four children. “We want them to see a life of service,” says Bryan, a business investor and entrepreneur.  Read More»

Mark Kruzan
The Kruzan Fund for Kids and Canines

Establishing the Kruzan Fund for Kids and Canines fund and a legacy gift through his will has enabled former Bloomington Mayor Mark Kruzan to touch families’ lives in small but profound ways – and to enrich his own life in the process. Read More»

Helen Wiesler
Legacy Society

Helen and Don Wiesler experienced firsthand the truth of the African proverb, it takes a village to raise a child. “We always relied not only on family but on the church, the schools and the community to help raise our children, and they did a marvelous job,” explains Helen. “We took advantage of all that was available, helped out where we could and soon realized just how important the entire community was.” Read More»

Joyce Claflin
Claflin Unrestricted Fund, Legacy Society, Former Board Chair

Despite her numerous accomplishments, Joyce finds her role as a dedicated community member most fulfilling. She volunteers her expertise to a variety of organizations and is committed to the Community Foundation of Bloomington and Monroe County, as a Legacy Society donor. Read More»

Katie Grove
Charitable Bequest

For Katie Grove, the idea of helping people isn’t just a conviction; it’s in her DNA. Read More»

John Hurlow
Donor Advised Fund, Board Member, Professional Advisors Council

As a professional financial advisor, John Hurlow knows a thing or two about helping people plan for their retirement. That desire to help take care of others is a deeply held belief that extends far beyond his professional practice as a Managing Partner of Hurlow Wealth Management Group, Inc. and into the community he is proud to call his home. Read More»

Kevin and Beth Theile
The Theile Family Fund, Board Member

Motivated by the example of her parents, Beth Theile and her husband Kevin have continued a philanthropic legacy through a fund at the Community Foundation that allows them to involve their own children in giving. Read More»