Donor Stories

Mark Kruzan
The Kruzan Fund for Kids and Canines

It was a random act of channel surfing that prompted Mark Kruzan to take action. Bloomington’s mayor since 2004, Kruzan had long imagined starting an endowment with the Community Foundation of Bloomington and Monroe County. What stopped him, he says, was feeling “paralyzed” by a combination of intimidation – he didn’t think he could afford it – and indecision about what type of initiative to support. One evening, though, he happened upon a program on the local Community Access Television Service that convinced him to get started. Read More»

Helen Wiesler
Legacy Society

Helen and Don Wiesler experienced firsthand the truth of the African proverb, it takes a village to raise a child. “We always relied not only on family but on the church, the schools and the community to help raise our children, and they did a marvelous job,” explains Helen. “We took advantage of all that was available, helped out where we could and soon realized just how important the entire community was.” Read More»

Joyce Claflin
Claflin Unrestricted Fund, Legacy Society, Former Board Chair

Despite her numerous accomplishments, Joyce finds her role as a dedicated community member most fulfilling. She volunteers her expertise to a variety of organizations and is committed to the Community Foundation of Bloomington and Monroe County, as a Legacy Society donor. Read More»

Kevin and Beth Theile
The Theile Family Fund, Board Member

Motivated by the example of her parents, Beth Theile and her husband Kevin have continued a philanthropic legacy through a fund at the Community Foundation that allows them to involve their own children in giving. Read More»