County Digital Inclusion Data Available for Public Input

In 2020, residents across Monroe County responded to a digital inclusion survey conducted in conjunction with Regional Opportunity Initiatives and Purdue Center for Regional Development. The survey data has been compiled and will be used to shape a digital inclusion plan to improve infrastructure, internet speed, connectivity, access to devices, and digital literacy in our community.

A virtual presentation and input session was held on June 2 to present the results of the Digital Inclusion Survey Data from Purdue.

We invite you to share your feedback on Monroe County’s Digital Inclusion efforts using the online public comment form:

In collaboration with Regional Opportunity Initiatives, we’re participating in a crowd-sourced internet speed project. The goal is to create an accurate map of where service is available and what broadband speed Indiana residents are currently receiving. We invite you to participate. The speed test can be taken with any device that has an internet or cellular connection and takes less than one minute to complete. No personal information will be collected. 

County Digital Advisory Team Members
  • Meagan Niese, Community Foundation of Bloomington and Monroe County
  • Tina Peterson, Community Foundation of Bloomington and Monroe County
  • Chris Carroll, Ivy Tech Community College – Bloomington
  • Rick Dietz, City of Bloomington
  • Clark Greiner, Bloomington Economic Development Corporation
  • Cullen McCarty, Smithville Fiber
  • Geoff McKim, Monroe County Government
  • Laurie McRobbie, Indiana University – Bloomington
  • Mary Morgan – Greater Bloomington Chamber of Commerce
  • Jen Pearl – Bloomington Economic Development Corporation
  • Tim Pritchett, Monroe County Community School Corporation
  • Rick Routon, Richland Bean Blossom School Corporation
  • Jeremy Sowders, Hoosier Energy
  • Jill Thurman, Ellettsville Chamber of Commerce
  • Marv Ulmet, County Farm Bureau
  • Lisa Abbott, Regional Opportunity Initiatives
  • Maren Witte, Regional Opportunity Initiatives