Flick Emergency Medical Grants

The Flick Emergency Medical Fund was established by Kevin and Mindy Flick to support families and individuals facing hardship due to a medical emergency or crisis. Grants from this fund specifically help relieve the financial burden of medical or living expenses for these families or individuals.

The Flick family was inspired by the care and support they received from their church community, which raised funds to help their family during a medical crisis. The Flick Emergency Medical Fund was established by the Flick family because they understand how the support from a faith community can make a difference in improving quality of life during a difficult time.

Grant applications must be completed and submitted by a church or faith-based organization (that qualifies as exempt under the Internal Revenue Code as 501(c)(3)) on behalf of a family or individual experiencing a medical emergency or crisis. Eligible funds include, but are not limited to, medical expenses, housing and utility payments, transportation costs, food, and other living expenses, etc. Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis.