10 Reasons for Building an Agency Endowment with Us


An endowment at the Community Foundation provides a permanent source of revenue for your agency – dollars that you don’t have to fundraise every year to receive.


Your agency will retain flexibility in the use of grants from the endowment, using funds in any way that advances its mission at a given point in time.


Your agency benefits from our investment expertise—professional management of funds and disciplined adherence to our investment policy, including asset allocation and regular rebalancing.


You will have access to a large investment pool that includes asset classes not otherwise available to small or medium sized organizations.  This means that investment fees will be lower than you might find if gifts were managed independently.


It is operationally efficient since we handle accounting and hands-on monitoring for the fund and keep up with the laws and best practices for endowments. This frees you up to focus on what your agency exists to do and what is does best.


Under our management, your charitable purpose will be preserved in perpetuity.  Because volunteer boards of directors can have varying degrees of financial expertise and can change over time, housing your endowment with the Community Foundation will provide consistency and continuity in the stewardship of your endowment funds.


The Community Foundation will be your partner in philanthropy in working with professional advisors, assisting other donors, accepting a wide range of gift types, and stewarding donors.  The Community Foundation can be your resource when working with donors whose charitable gifts or interests are complex.


Your donors will receive maximum tax advantage under state and federal law when giving to your endowment at the Community Foundation.


Your agency will be publicly honored for your generosity through the Community Foundation’s recognition programs.


You will be joining with other charitably-minded and community-focused donors in supporting the long-term capacity of the Community Foundation to ensure the success of our community, generation after generation.