GIFT VIII Matching Program

Thanks to a match opportunity from Lilly Endowment, all gifts to unrestricted endowments will be matched $2 for every $1 donated.

The Community Foundation of Bloomington and Monroe County (CFBMC) will be able to use this GIFT VIII Matching Program to grow its endowed, unrestricted assets, which provide financial resources that enable CFBMC to respond to both present and future community needs.

Gifts and pledge commitments made through December 31, 2025 will be matched while funds last. To reserve your matching funds, make a commitment today, which may be fulfilled over multiple years through 2027.

Ways to Join the Match

There has never been a better time to create impact and a legacy through our unrestricted funds than with this match opportunity.

Give to an Existing Unrestricted Fund

Many of our unrestricted funds were created to honor a loved one or a community member to memorialize their legacy. You can give to one of our existing unrestricted funds through our donation portal, or see additional ways to give. To make a gift, you can send a check to CFBMC indicating the fund you would like to support, or you can donate online through our donation portal.

Establish a New Unrestricted Fund

This match opportunity makes it easier than ever to start your unrestricted fund. Because your gifts will be tripled, you can establish an endowed unrestricted fund with as little as $6,700.

If you are interested in establishing an unrestricted fund or learning more about this matching program, please reach out to our Development Director, Meagan Niese, to learn more.

Give Where You Live

Herb Caldwell, a Community Foundation donor and fund founder, shares his experience establishing an unrestricted fund during a GIFT matching opportunity, saying:

“Angie and I knew that we wanted to establish an unrestricted fund because they serve to meet the ever-shifting and pressing needs of our community. At the time, there was also a matching opportunity from Lilly, which helped multiply the amount we could put into a fund to benefit the community. Putting dollars back into the community in which you live is important. For those of us who are fortunate and can give back, we should give back and be generous.”

-Herb Caldwell
Herbert and Angela Caldwell Community Fund